About Our Program

Wellness in the workplace has long been an important benefit for many employees at many forward-thinking companies. Of course, “wellness” in this sense traditionally has referred to lifestyle improvement in physical terms. From nutrition to exercise, these wellness programs have served as invaluable resources for greatly enhancing one’s daily life, all of them offered as part of the workplace experience.

But what about financial wellness?

Establishing healthy spending and saving habits and maintaining them throughout a lifetime is also important for one’s well-being. Financial well-being, that is. This is the concept of financial wellness, better defined as the ongoing practice of striking a balance between living responsibly today and planning wisely for tomorrow.

Yet as straightforward as this may seem, a surprising number of people rarely make an effort to embrace — let alone understand — this very basic idea. Waddell & Reed understands this. Given a world that is constantly demanding our attention on both personal and professional levels, time itself has become a precious commodity. Fortunately, achieving financial wellness requires only a nominal amount of time. Better yet, through the Waddell & Reed Financial Wellness Program it can be accomplished at the workplace as a convenient benefit for your employees — because at Waddell & Reed, we believe that identifying, prioritizing and planning your investment objectives enhances your commitment to developing a comprehensive financial strategy, one that’s likely to make your long-term goals more attainable.

Elements of Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is not about money; it’s about decision-making. That philosophy is central to the objective of the Waddell & Reed Financial Wellness Program, which helps employees build awareness of where they are financially, provides them education for establishing financial goals and empowers them to change their behavior to achieve those goals through the choices they make as part of the financial planning process.

Financial Wellness Programs that fit your needs

Financial Fitness Foundations

This is an introductory course for the Financial Wellness Program, emphasizing debt management and improving cash flow as well as establishing financial goals and putting a plan in place to achieve those goals. This course will enable you to build a strong financial foundation. Course objectives include:

  • Money management basics
  • Investment fundamentals
  • Credit and debt management
  • Goal planning

Financial Fitness Accelerator

This course builds upon concepts in the Foundations Program, with a focus on prioritizing goals, maximizing cash flow and exploring tax strategies to help you achieve your major planning goals in the most efficient way possible. Course objectives include:

  • Maximizing your cash flow
  • Risk management
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax strategies
  • Education funding
  • Strategic planning

Financial Fitness Transitions

This program covers a wide range of topics that are critically important to those who are preparing to retire, including planning for retirement distributions, estate conservation and legacy planning. Course objectives include:

  • Optimizing your cash flow
  • Long-term care options
  • Estate conservation
  • Retirement income strategies
  • Legacy planning
  • Tax strategies
  • Charitable giving

All classes are for education purposes only. There will be no tax advice or recommendations for specific products or services.